UPDATE 16.05.2021: Dear Runners,

in accordance with the earlier announcement, we are introducing the following amenities for you:

– at each distance, we will provide at least one nutritional point where you can find: water, cola, fruit, snacks, nuts, raisins;
– at each of the nutritional points for the distances UTM 240, UTM 170 and UTM 105, we will additionally provide a hot meal;
– at the top of Szczebel Mountain, a surprise prepared by a friendly team TURBACZ TRAIL will be waiting for the Participants of the UTM 45 and longer races!
– each participant will be able to use the deposit in the start / finish area;
– participants of the UTM 240 and UTM 170 distances will be able to use the DROP BAG at the check point Zasadne.
– UTM 10 – CHANGE! ATTENTION! – collection of the bib number and start: 23/05/2021 (Sunday), 9.00-10.00 AM.
– all the necessary information about the event, including a map of the cevent with marked nutritional points, shops, shelters can be found HERE

Warmes regards,
Fundacja 4 Alternatywy

UPDATE 28.04.2021: Dear Runners,

We are receiving optimistic news on the COVID-19 pandemic and the unfreezing of the economy after the long weekend in May.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and if changes are actually made, it will allow us to provide you with greater comfort during your running adventure.

At each of the distances of the event “I Promote the Ultra-Trail Małopolska routes”, refreshment points will appear. On long distances you can expect additional surprises 🙂 The equipment of points will be more varied: there will be, among others fruit and hot meals for participants of long distances. We are also fighting to allow at least one drop-bag. Let’s hope you will succeed.

Some of you ask about places on the routes for individual shopping: shops, gas stations, shelters, etc. We prepare a list of these places with opening hours and coordinates. We will send them to you in a separate message.

Warmes regards,
Fundacja 4 Alternatywy

15.04.2021: Dear Runners,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all must take care of ourselves and our loved ones more than ever. Guided by this principle, we decided that the Ultra-Trail@ Małopolska 2021 mountain running festival will not be a sports competition, during which it would be difficult to meet all the sanitary requirements. As with the pandemic, our need for fresh air and longing for time spent in the mountains has not expired, we would like to offer you participation in the event “I promote Ultra-Trail@ Małopolska routes”

What remains the same?

  • date: May 21-23, 2021,
  • routes and distances: 7 distances from 10 to 240 km,
  • marking the routes (tapes with the Ultra-Trail Małopolska logo),
  • possibility of getting ITRA / UTMB points,
  • GOPR medical coverage,
  • regenerative meal at the finish line,
  • a souvenir medal and a gift (for participants who run the route).

The scope of changes:

  • the event will not be defined as a  competition and should not be tread as such,
  • there will be no Competition Office (in accordance with the Regulations of the event: the participant can collect the participant’s number at the Training and Leisure Base “Lubogoszcz”, 34-734 Kasinka Mała in the starting area. For each route in the Regulations of the event The bib number can be collected only in person based on the completed participant card (Annex 2 to the Regulations),
  • starts will not take place at the same time: two-hour time ranges of starts can be found in the Regulations (soon) of the event,
  • assistance from third parties on the routes will be allowed;
  • to reduce the contact between the participants, the number of refreshment points is reduced (they will only be on the longest routes, details  can be found in the Regulations (soon) of the event);
  • to reduce the contact between the participants, there will be no drop-bags provided;
  • check-out points will contain only bottled/canned drinks and separately packed energy bars;
  • as the even will no longer be a sport competition even, the time measurement will be used only for statistical purposes; participants interested in obtaining ITRA points are required to conduct the measurement on their own (trace of a watch or other GPS device);
  • we indicate the recommended equipment (no mandatory equipment);
  • we do not guarantee transport to participants resigning from participation in the event during its duration, except for nutritional points on the longest routes (persons resigning from participation in the event during its duration must immediately inform the Organizer by phone).We are awaiting the decision of the epidemic services on the possibility of organizing the storage room (information whether we will be able to provide the storage roomwill be provided at a later date).

Each participant of Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2021 with a given number, saved in the e-gepard system, automatically becomes a participant of the event “I promote Ultra-Trail Małopolska routes”.

If some of you do not like this formula, we accept cancellation  until the 30.04.2021 – at the following address: fundacja@utm.run with the option of:

  1. deferring  the starter package for next year’s competition, or
  2. reimbursement of 80% of the starting fee (please send the payment confirmation and provide the bank account number to be returned).We cannot predict the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, so if the law changes  not allowing  the event to be organized, we will cancel it. We will then allow you to reimburse 70% of the fee or transfer the fee to another event we organize, or transfer the fee to a charity: “Człowiek zwierzakowi bratem”.


Warmes regards,
Fundacja 4 Alternatywy