Dear Runners,
here is the final announcement regarding to the event: I promote  Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2021 (21-23.05.2021).

    1. Familiarize yourself with the current formula of the event:  LINK and Regulations: LINK.
    2. Print and complete the participant’s card, which you can find on our website: LINK.
    3. Come to the start / finish place of the event at the Baza”Lubogoszcz” in Kasinka Mała in Małopolska. You can find directions on how to get there: LINK Note: the road is being renovated on the route Lubień – Kasinka Mała. Take this into account when planning your trip. Remember, do not try to get to the start / finish area by car – it is a forest road, evacuation road, impassable for cars! The road from the car parks to the Base takes from 20 to 40 minutes on foot.
    4. Come to the start / finish area, to the white tent, ready to run:
      – participant of UTM 240, UTM 170: have a deposit with you (items that you leave in the start / finish area), a DROP BAG (it will be waiting for you at the food point of legitimate), a completed starting card; you will receive a bib number and a tracker (GPS transmitter) from us, and you start running;
      – UTM 105 participant: have a deposit with you (items that you leave in the start / finish area) and a completed starting card; you will receive a bib number from us and you start running;
      – participant of UTM 64, UTM 45, UTM 35, UTM 10: the deposit will be located in the building above the canteen, the nearest start / finish area, leave your belongings there and go to the white tent with the completed participant’s card, you will receive a bib number from us then you start running.
    5. Follow the route: all routes will be marked with a yellow tape with the logo of our partner DOMTOM; markers with reflectors will be hung up approximately every 50 meters.
    6. There will be a nutritional point at each distance. Runners on distances from UTM 105 and above will be provided with warm vegetarian meals.
      Nutritional points can be recognized by vans with the DOMTOM logotype.
      You can find a map of places where you can shop on the routes below. You can save it as a shortened link :
      You can download GPX tracks for your watch, etc. on the subpages of individual distances:: UTM 240, UTM 170, UTM 105, UTM 64, UTM 45, UTM 35,  UTM 10 – Memoriał Bartka Czajkowskiego.
    7.  A warm vegetarian meal, medal and gifts will be waiting for you at the finish line.
  • NOTE: participants of the longest distances, ie UTM 240 and UTM 170, are required to have accident insurance. You run through the Gorce National Park, hence the condition.
  • You will find our telephone number on the bib numbers. If you go off track, you quit, you have to tell us. If you fail to do so, you may be charged for unjustified rescue action.
  • In the buildings of the Lubogoszcz Base, we ask you to wear a face mask and disinfect your hands.
  • After the run, you will be able to take a shower.
  • Deposits will be collected in the room above the canteen.
  • The DROP BAGS will return to the Lubogoszcz Base after the closure of the nutritional point Zasadne.

See you!
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