Below you will find answers to the questions we are most often asked, i.e. FAQ:

These are sample questions, detailed records of your competitions can be found in the regulations!

Q: Is the mandatory equipment mandatory?
A: Yes, mandatory equipment is mandatory.

Q: A power bank is a must, and I use a phone with a mega battery. Do I need a power bank?
A: Yes, mandatory equipment is mandatory.

Q: A personal cup is required, and I don’t drink at nutrition points (or I grab a full bottle and drink from the bottle). Do I need a personal mug?
A: Yes, mandatory equipment is mandatory.

Q: A jacket is required and I never run in a jacket. Do I need a jacket?
A: Yes, mandatory equipment is mandatory.

Q: In the regulations you write that entry fees cannot be transferred. Can I rewrite the entry fee?
A: You cannot transfer the entry fee, we write about it in the regulations.

Q: In the regulations you write that in case of resignation by day X, a refund of (part of) the entry fee is possible. A lot of time has passed since day Can you make an exception for me and refund my fee?
A: No, the possibility of refunding (part of) the fee was possible until day X, as we write about in the regulations.

Q: They forecast heat/frost/snow/rain/blizzard/fog/rime/aurora borealis. Are you changing the start time of the competition because of this?
A: Not.


Q: I live far away and it costs me a lot to travel to your competitions. Will you give me a discount?
A: Yes, if you are an active blood donor or if there are discounts for group registrations in these competitions and you are a member of the group.

Q: I didn’t finish the competition. Will I get a finisher pack or at least a running gadget with the word FINISHER on it?
A: No, finisher packages and gadgets with the word FINISHER are only for competitors who finished the competition within the time limit.

Q: My race starts at 10:00, the race office finishes at 9:30. Will I be able to pick up my starting package at 9:45 am?
A: No, the competition office closes at 9:30.

Q: I am a friend of Paweł Derlatka, will you make an exception for me?
A: Not.