2017: MSM 48 ENG

MSM 48 – Myślenice-Szczebel-Myślenice REGISTER, REGULATIONS (PL), REGULATIONS (ENG), MAP

  • distance: c.a. 48 km;
  • ascent/descent: 2 500 +/-;
  • limit of participants: 300 people;
  • time limit: 9 hours; there are no indirect limits;
  • start point, finish point and EVENT OFFICE: Schronisko PTTK na Kudłaczach, 32-432 Pcim, Poland; MAP
  • EVENT OFFICE operating hours: 19th of May 2017 (Friday) 2 PM – 9 PM, 20th of May 2017 (Saturday) 9 AM – 10.40 AM;
  • Official course and safety briefing online: 17th of May 2017 (Wednesday) at 8 PM facebook.pl/UltraTrailMalopolska; written script from the briefing will be sent in both Polish and English versions via email;
  • start: 20th of May 2017 (Saturday) at 11 AM.
  • ITRA POINTS: 3 / Endurance points: 3 / Mountain level: 5 / Finisher criteria: 400
  • Route reference on mapa-turystyczna.pl: link
  • International Trail Running Association: link
  • You can download track of the race here: GPX (Please mind – during the run use your experience and wisdom, even best prepared gpx track can be innacurate.)

Control points and nutritious / water points:

  • Lubień – control and water point,
  • Mszana Dolna – control and nutritious / water point,
  • Kasina Wielka – medic, control  and nutritious / water point.


Registrations will be accepted until 12 May 2017. or until  the date when  the limit of participants has been met (the date of receipt of the joining fee decided about the acceptance on the event). Only appropriately filled application form and completed payment will be accepted and recognised as successful registration. The application from can be found on  www.pucharbeskiduwyspowego.pl  website. Payment should be completed between three to seven days from the date the application has been submitted. Should there be no payment submitted within this timescale the even organisers has a right to remove the applicant from the registration list.

Payment details:

Fundacja 4 Alternatywy
Kisielewskiego 59
31-708 Kraków

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
IBAN: PL13175000120000000030553608

Details to be provided  on the transition: name of the running event, name and surname, Date of Birth, example: MSM 48, John Smith, 1.01.1980

5 zl from every race entry will be submitted to charity (homeless animals) –  “Człowiek zwierzakowi bratem” initiative.

 The registration fee depends on time of registration and submission of the payment:

MSM 48 – Myślenice – Szczebel – Myślenice:

until 28th February 2017: 125 zł
between 1st of March to 31st of March 2017: 150 zł
between 1st of April until 12th of May 2017: 180 zł


During the race each competitor must have mandatory equipment.
Equipment of all participants will be controlled at the registration office and will be selectively checked at the checkpoints and on the routes. No mandatory equipment will result in disqualification. Obligatory equipment is considered a necessary minimum, each and every participant must ensure that the equipment meets their needs.


  • NRC film – at least 140 x 200 cm,
  • headlamp,
  • personal cup,
  • a minimum of one-litter water bottles or the skin,
  • elastic bandage, sterile dressing,
  • fully charged mobile phone,
  • jacket,
  • running-bag or vest
  • start number provided by the organizer,
  • garbage bag provided by the organizer,
  • accident insurance (NNW).


  • trekking poles /stick (telescopic or one piece once),
  • money (to cover unexpected expenses),
  • GPS,
  • supply of food.



MSM 48 Ultra-Trail Małopolska